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When robots are actually working for real people

Back within the previous year there's mention the utilization of technology like robots and CFD Simulation in various industries and businesses to scale back labor costs. Many IT companies like Alibaba and Amazon say they use robots in their factories to line up deliveries correctly and on time.

It is a worldwide concern that robots will replace human labor or not? There are many news articles stating that Robots will replace the tasks that folks need to do repeatedly to scale back mistakes. And took that person to trytoother work instead looks like it's elegant but ...

The current image appears to be opposite. Becauseatthe end If the industry's challenge is to scale back labor costs employing a mechanical arm or robot instead may be a perfect option. Reducing the utilization from 100 people, maybe only 10 people to regulate the robot again.

In the past, many industries gradually adaptnot tohire more peopleinsteadstart to exchange technology.

What is astounding is that the key variable. The arrival of Covid-19 may be a catalyst for several industries to show to Ai or Robot more quickly. They use this chance to check their technology. And it works well too

For example China and Hong Kong use robots to sterilize hospitals with UV light. Reduce human infection And understand that from now on They still use robots as before.

Thailand and lots of Covid infected countries use robots to deliver food in hospitals. Reduce the prospect of infection Reduce the utilization of food delivery staff. While also using it to speak to patients to avoid loneliness during recovery

In the us , a robot named Simbe Robotics was used as a robot to rearrange items during a local grocery . Because during the Covid-19 epidemic, people were told to remain home. Children didn't attend school. Causing the quantity of demand for products to extend they have to rent an outsized number of product sorting staff during this era . so as to rearrange the products in accordance with the requirements But things changed When the shop uses Simbe Robotics

These robots are ready to scan the merchandise in only one cycle and know which products to place during which zone, which floor, reducing training time. ready to work on knowledgeable level instantly

All of those are just preliminary examples confirming that Robots are literally replacing human forces. We may have to regulate more. One thing that robots can never do instead is figure about creative work that needs creativity. Job jobs Or specific skills that exist in people that work for an extended time But didn't say that in 10 years it wouldn't be possible We never know the longer term . Therefore, don't stop developing yourself. (OK, this is often an IT website or Livecoach website. Come on ......). Because a minimum of it's the sole thing That we use to face and contend that we are there's something that's better than robots.


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